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  • 16.08.2017

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Germany lashes out at UK

Germany lashes out at UK

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Senior German politicians hit out at the UK over its Brexit policy, accusing them of “making it up as they go along”. 

Irish politician Ray Butler, who attended a meeting with the German officials, said the UK was also described as “farcical” during the no-holds-barred tirade. 

Mr Butler visited the Bundestag for a meeting with the German parliament’s finance committee to discuss the UK’s decision to leave the EU. 
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He has since revealed a shocking outburst from established politicians within Angela Merkel’s government. 

Mr Butler told the Irish Independent: “They said they met the finance committee in London and they were shocked by the way they handled themselves.

“They said they were making it up as the went along and were very poorly prepared for Brexit.
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“It was actually farcical, is what they said. They came out of the meeting very bemused and annoyed.”

Gerard Craughwell, an independent senator who led the Irish delegation to Germany, confirmed the outburst and said the officials had “deep concerns”.

He said: "They found the British finance committee unprepared for Brexit and said they didn't seem to have considered the impact leaving the EU would have on Britain's economy.”
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The report published on the Ireland-Germany friendship group's visit was more parliamentary in language but still harsh.

It said: “Both sides agreed that there was no 'upside' to Brexit, and while there were significant bilateral issues for many countries, it was essential that the EU27 act in the best interests of the EU as a whole.

“The delegation continually stressed that it remains essential that our EU partners, especially Germany, are aware of the unique implications of Brexit for Ireland.
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“Flexible and imaginative solutions are required to address the unique circumstances on the island of Ireland, in particular with a view to avoiding a hard border, which are compatible with protecting the integrity of the Single Market and Ireland's place in it."
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