Something is really wrong with Mick Jagger

Something is really wrong with Mick Jagger

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Mick Jagger is worried about a tree that he greatly admires.

The legendary singer shared on Wednesday a photo of what he calls his "favourite tree in Richmond Park". We're not sure whether it's his favourite in Britain, or the wider world.

The Rolling Stones front man, who appears in the picture to be gently touching the woody perennial while smiling in the South West London sunshine, said that he believes some branches could be "missing this year".
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Here is Jagger with the tree:

It's also worth noting that this is not the first time a Rolling Stone has made environmental news.
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In 2006, Keith Richards fell out of a tree while holidaying with Ronnie Wood on a private island in Fiji. It was actually quite a serious accident.

And let's not forget Brian Blessed, who in 2015 stunned BBC Radio 4 listeners after claiming he delivered a baby girl in a South London park. He said that he bit through the umbilical cord and licked the child's face clean.
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