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The truth about Serena Williams' fiance

The truth about Serena Williams' fiance

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With the unexpected news that tennis icon Serena Williams is pregnant with her first child, the question on everyone's lips became: who is her baby daddy and husband-to-be?

As it turns out, he's pretty darn famous on the Internet, not to mention super rich. Here's everything we know about tech entrepreneur and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian.

Ohanian was born April 24, 1983, in Brooklyn, NY. Much like the Kardashian clan, as well as singer Cher and tennis star Andre Agassi, the computer mogul is of Armenian descent. In fact, he was born on the same day as the annual Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day.
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His ancestry is very important to him. Ohanian has visited Armenia several times, first with a Kiva fellowship, and helped set up TEDx Yerevan in 2010. "I ended up being born in Brooklyn, but I could've been born in Yerevan, or probably somewhere in Western Armenia," he once said. "I want my knowledge to help as many people as possible, but especially my fellow Armenians."

Whether it is in an interview, on social media, or on Reddit, Ohanian comes across as a genuinely nice guy, a claim that has been backed up by Williams herself. "He's incredibly — a really nice person," she said, according to People. "I think he definitely treats everyone the same, which is really cool to see. Really, really nice to see."

Williams' big sister, Venus, agrees. "[He is a] super nice guy," Venus told USA Today. "You never know how the things are going to end. In this case, it's not gonna end. So it's great."
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Slate shed a little more light on Ohanian's vibe, describing the 6'5" 33 year old as being "in many ways the archetypal tech bro." "He's geeky and boyishly enthusiastic, handsome by tech-startup standards, and earnestly idealistic to an extent that stands out even in Silicon Valley, where everyone's busy making the world a better place," Slate wrote.

Ohanian grew up in Ellicott City, MD, and spent most of his spare time on the Internet, playing games, doing web design, and chatting online. "In school, I was just a kid, he shared with Inc. magazine in 2012. "Online, I had authority."

He met future Reddit co-founder Steve Huffman on move-in day at the University of Virginia in 2001. They were complete opposites; Huffman was an engineering major, while Ohanian majored in history and also studied commerce. But they hit it off immediately, finding shared interest in gaming and computing. Huffman described his business partner of looking "grungy" then, but said "he was very charming," right from the beginning.
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Ohanian changed the trajectory of his life in his junior year, when he was studying to take the LSAT to be an immigration lawyer. "I flipped over my test and thought, You b******. I walked out and went to Waffle House. That's where I had what I call The Waffle House Epiphany," he told Inc. "I didn't want to be a lawyer. I wanted to make a dent in the universe." Or, as he describes his philosophy on his social accounts and website, "making the world suck less."
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