• 16:50
  • 23.08.2017
Model’s shock profile discovery

Model’s shock profile discovery

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A UK model is campaigning for catfishing to be made illegal after he found his picture was used in more than 40 different dating profiles online.
Manchester model Matt Peacock hired a private detective to confront one of the men who had stolen his identity after being contacted by a victim duped into sending explicit pictures.
He said he was determined to do something after a young woman said she was suicidal after realising she had been sending pictures to the wrong person.
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“Quite a vulnerable girl, a young mum, she’d been talking to a catfish of mine for eight months. He’d kind of groomed her into sending some indecent videos, indecent pictures of herself which she wouldn’t really do, but she was at a low point in her life and it led her to wanting to commit suicide,” he said.
“Then she found out who I was, got in touch with me and told me the story and it was then that I decided I needed to do something about it.”
The working model said there are plenty of pictures of himself online and he has appeared on different profiles under the names Carl, Charlie and Sam.
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He said the fraud has intruded on his family life with pictures of his young nieces and nephews also used to portray the image of a “caring dad” online, The Manchester Evening News reports.
Video for the newspaper shows a private detective confronting the catfish and forcing him to delete the contact details of women. The man said he was not “thinking straight” and promises he won’t do it again.
For Peacock the intrusive move has affected his family and marriage.
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“There were 43 different profiles that used my picture, and it wasn’t just one person doing it.
“I am going to be a dad next year, and I don’t want my children to come into a world where this goes on,” he said.
He’s teamed up with local MP Ann Coffey who is working to change the law to avoid the “modern day menace” she says is affecting many innocent people.
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“It can cause years of heartache. We must do something to deter this and a change in the law is the most effective deterrent,” she said.
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