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  • 23.08.2017
Donald Trump Jr. is reportedly "miserable"

Donald Trump Jr. is reportedly "miserable"

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Donald Trump Jr. is reportedly "miserable" and can't wait for the next four years to end.
A friend of President Trump's two adult sons told People that Trump Jr. and Eric Trump "never wanted this."

"Don can't do any deals, because he'll be overly scrutinized. He just goes to work every day and is miserable," a source in their circle added.
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Trump Jr. is facing backlash after news surfaced earlier this month that he took a meeting last year with a Russian lawyer.

Last week, Trump Jr. released a chain of emails detailing his conversations about setting up a meeting with a Russian lawyer, who he was told had compromising information on then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Trump Jr. has since appeared on Fox News, where he said he likely would have "done things a little differently" in retrospect.
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President Trump has defended his eldest son, saying most politicians would have taken similar meetings.

A family friend especially close to Trump Jr. and Eric Trump told People the loyalty within their family is "insane."

"They would never speak against their dad," the family friend said.
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The source in the brothers' circle added: "You can't bite the hand that feeds you, but [Trump Jr.] can't wait for these four years to be over."
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