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Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington hints at suicidal thoughts in chilling lyrics from one of his final songs

Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington hints at suicidal thoughts in chilling lyrics from one of his final songs

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Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington hinted at suicidal thoughts in one of his last songs ever written.

The 41-year-old singer was found dead on Thursday after he reportedly hanged himself at a private residence in Los Angeles, TMZ reports.

The bands second to last single Heavy, released in February this year, appeared to hint at his troubled state of mind.
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Focusing on the topic of depression, it contained haunting lyrics including: “I don’t like my mind right now // Stacking up problems that are so unnecessary // Wish that I could slow things down”

In the chorus, he talks about how he is dragging around issues that are bringing him down before chillingly adding: “If I just let go, I’d be set free.”

The track was written by bandmates Chester Bennington, Brad Delson, and Mike Shinoda, alongside Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter.
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The band have said that lyrically, the inspiration for Heavy came from their conversations about frustrations and troubles in their own lives.

Mike previously revealed that Chester was really struggling on the day the song was written.

He told Billboard: “And I remember Chester walked in and it was, ‘Hey, how are you doing today?’ and he’s like, ‘OH, I’m fine,’  and we were hanging out for a minutes and he was like, ‘Y’know what? I have to be honest. I’m NOT fine. I’m NOT OK. Too much stuff is just happening to me. I just feel underwater.’
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“It was like that saying “when it rains it pours;” It’s that kind of feeling that stuff is piling up one on top of the other, and it creates this feeling of just being overwhelmed, like, ‘Things feel so heavy to me…’”

Heavy was the first single from the band’s seventh studio album One More Light.

Other tracks on the album include Nobody Can Save Me, Talking To Myself and Good Goodbye.
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Chester reportedly took his own life and was found hanged at a private residence in Palos Verdes Estate in Los Angeles just before 9am on Thursday TMZ reports.

Just a few days ago, Chester had been seen at a recording studio with his bandmates.

The Crawling hitmaker – who had three children with wife Talinda Bentley and another three from previous relationships – had struggled with drugs and alcohol abuse in the past and previously admitted he had considered suicide after being abused as a child by an older male.
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He confessed to being a ”full blown, raging alcoholic” but had tried to put that behind him.

Speaking in 2011, he said: ''I don't drink. I choose to be sober now. I have drunk over the last six years, but I just don't want to be that person anymore."

He also spoke frankly about being abused.
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He said: ''If I think back to when I was really young, to when I was being molested, to when all these horrible things were going on around me, I shudder."

The In the End hitmaker was also the singer in Dead by Sunrise, and performed as frontman for Stone Temple Pilots from 2013 to 2015, as well as collaborating as a solo artist with the likes of his Santana, Motley Crue, his close friend Chris Cornell - who committed suicide in May - DJ Z-Trip and Handsome Boy Modeling School.
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He also had movie roles in 'Saw 3D' and both 'Crank' films.

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