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Princess Charlotte throws herself to the tarmac

Princess Charlotte throws herself to the tarmac

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Prince George looked ready to follow in his father’s footsteps as he jumped on board a helicopter — but Princess Charlotte looked less than impressed with her tour of the tarmac.
The British royals were on the last day of their tour of Germany when they were given the chance to peek inside the interior of a H145 and H135 helicopter before heading home, The Sun reports.
But the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had to be on hand to give the young princess some words of encouragement to get her on board the chopper.
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Meanwhile Prince George looked ecstatic as he donned a pilot’s helmet and played around in the cockpit.
This week’s gruelling royal tour has seen the family ferried between Germany and Poland in a packed schedule.
George, who turns four tomorrow has appeared glum at every moment he has been thrust into the spotlight during the Cambridges five-day tour of Poland and Germany.
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But he was all smiles and waved as the family took to the tarmac where the helicopters, worth an estimated £12 million ($19.7 million) combined, were waiting at the Airbus site in Hamburg.
They were a special treat for little George who palace sources say is “helicopter crazy.”
It was Charlotte who had a tantrum this time — throwing herself to the ground at one point.
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The two-year-old stamped her feet and looked on the brink of tears — but the strop passed as quickly as it began when her parents cunningly distracting her with the impressive choppers.
Prince William, who flies the H145 at the air ambulance, proudly gave demonstrations to his family.
The family looked at the H145 before heading to the H135 where George eagerly clambered on board.
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William was seen showing his son how to open and close the door and then put a helmet on him.
They then headed to the private jet with Charlotte’s bad mood completely evaporated as she skipped towards the steps.
They were seen off by the British ambassador Sir Sebastian Wood and the mayor of Hamburg Olaf Schulz.
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Diplomatic Charlotte shook hands with both and the youngsters were handed a book each with a red ribbon wrapped around.
George bravely bounded up the steps — ready to start his birthday celebrations.
Charlotte was helped up the steps by her dotting dad while Kate said a final goodbye to the ambassador and mayor. They colour co-ordinated in shades of red and purple.
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George in his trademark navy shorts and a shirt and Charlotte in a pretty summer floral frock.
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