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  • 24.08.2017

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Chyna threatens to sue secret lover

Chyna threatens to sue secret lover

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BLAC Chyna has threatened to sue her former secret lover if he releases more nude pictures of her, as details of her custody deal with Rob Kardashian emerged.
Still reeling from her ex-fiance’s revenge porn attack, Chyna reportedly sent a warning letter to “side piece” Rarri True after he posted semi-naked snaps of them in bed together.
The Instagram pictures have now been deleted amid reports Rarri True dumped Chyna, whose real name is Angela Renée White. Rob, 30, accused Chyna, 29, of having an affair with Rarri while they were together.
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“Posting online or distributing photos of Ms White’s intimate body parts is a crime punishable by fines and jail time,” the letter, sent by Chyna’s lawyer Lisa Bloom and seen by TMZ, said.
The letter also referenced California’s revenge porn law which prohibits the intentional distribution of “non-consensual pornography” and is punishable by up to six months in jail.
It comes a day after the former stripper was granted a temporary domestic violence restraining order against sock designer Rob.
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Chyna’s lawyer, Ms Bloom, told reporters she was working with Rob’s legal team to come up with a formal arrangement for co-parenting Dream, the former couple’s eight-month-old daughter.
The deal will involve a nanny shuttling the child back and forth between Rob and Chyna.

“She’s not trying to prevent Rob from seeing his baby,” Ms Bloom said. “She believes a father should stay in contact with his child ... She wants to have a healthy, peaceful co-parenting relationship.”
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According to TMZ, the pair “have been operating under an unwritten arrangement where they each are entitled to physical custody 50% of the time.”
Sources told the gossip site the arrangement has been “loose by consent”. Rob has recently looked after Dream four days a week, while Chyna has her for three. Nannies and nurses are always present.
TMZ reports the reality TV star was looking after Dream when Chyna was in court seeking a restraining order against him. Chyna also has a son with her ex, rapper Tyga.
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Meanwhile, Chyna’s alleged ex-boyfriend Pilot Jones claims the former stripper is a bully like Rob.
Jones told TMZ Chyna posted his phone number after their split and outed him as bisexual. He said he began receiving death threats and had to leave LA.

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