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  • 21.08.2017
Orgasm of this women lasts 20% longer

Orgasm of this women lasts 20% longer

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Our poll found the Big O goes on for a heavenly 10.9 seconds on average for ladies — but just 8.7 seconds for guys.

And for 41 per cent of women it lasts 11 seconds or more — compared to 26 per cent of men.

Inspired by our sensual stats — gathered by online sex-toy store Lovehoney — and to celebrate National Orgasm Day on July 31, we pulled back the covers on the history of the orgasm.
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No surprise the study of the pinnacle of passion stretches as far back as Ancient Greece, with Hippocrates believing “passionate lovemaking” most likely to produce a child.

That idea was firmed up further by the Elizabethans, who thought conception depended on both partners hitting the heavenly high.

Writers Chaucer and Shakespeare both included mention of the saucy summit of sensuality — with the Bard being particularly bawdy.
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In his plays he coined the phrase “come” as a reference to orgasm and his saucy suggestiveness saw ladies’ private parts called a house, while men’s were deemed swords. But it wasn’t until Victorian times that things got really hot under the collar.

In the 1800s “mild hysteria” in women was treated by their doctor “manually stimulating” them until they had a “fit” — or an orgasm.

This led to the invention of the sex toy. Some early types were made from wood and somewhat . . . complimentary. A pair that sold for £3,600 in 2010 measured 10in and 11in.
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Sex toys made of more skin-friendly rubber were introduced in the 1840s — along with condoms, “French ticklers” and diaphragms, according to US historian Hallie Lieberman.

In the 1940s and ’50s, US boffin Alfred Kinsey set out to demystify the orgasm.

His Kinsey Reports found that one in five women had their first climax through self pleasure and five per cent through explicit dreams.
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Little wonder that the Sixties sexual revolution followed, and with it, the first porn film. Directed by Andy Warhol, Blue Movie showed explicit sex, including orgasm scenes.

By the Seventies the sexual barriers were well and truly down, and a groundbreaking sex manual hit shelves.

In 1972 The Joy of Sex, written by Brit Alex Comfort, featured written guides and illustrations of how to im- prove orgasms, detailing oral sex, bondage and swinging.
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Nowadays we are more liberated than ever — with randy Brits spending £200million a year on sex toys in our quest for satisfying sexual pleasure.
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