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  • 23.08.2017
Every day orgasms have irreparable influnce on your body

Every day orgasms have irreparable influnce on your body

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IF you're not on top of your game at work, it may have something to do with your bedroom antics - or lack thereof.

That's because having sex at night puts you in a good mood and boosts your performance at work the next day, according to scientific paper From The Bedroom To The Office.

The endorphins released after sex were found to have multiple benefits on daily life, not least that people felt more positive about their jobs and were more engaged at work.
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The benefits were so significant that lead author Kevin Leavitt suggested we should be tracking our level of sexual activity - like many of us do with exercise and diets.

“Twenty years ago, tracking your steps or caloric intake would have seemed strange or obsessive,” he explained.

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“If you want to increase wellbeing, this is something we should be giving more thought.”

And there's no reason those of you who are single should miss out on all the, ahem, action.

Female-focused website O'Actually has jumped on the bandwagon, and asked women to take a Pleasure Pledge - to give themselves one orgasm every day.
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Those behind the site aim to make sexual pleasure a part of your routine. So will you be taking the pledge?

In more climax-related news, this is the age at which women have the best orgasms, and it may be older  than you'd expect.

While most people fantasise about their own partner, rather than sexy celebs, while masturbating - according to a recent study.
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