• 13:23
  • 21.08.2017
Russian model faces jail for posing in underwear inside a ruined church

Russian model faces jail for posing in underwear inside a ruined church

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The Gothic revival has always been tied up with sex and sexuality.

The haunting setting of Whitby, goes hand in with the sexuality of the reinvigorated Dracula in Bram Stoker's novel.

Russian model Ksenia Kalugina recently posed in bridal underwear in the ruins of an orthodox church.
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The 23-year-old, her photographer, and the magazine that employed her, are now all facing up to three years in jail.

Church officials at the dilapidated building located in Guri, in the Volga federal district, claim she committed a sin by not wearing a veil.

Although a ruin, the church occasionally holds services. 
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The Russian equivalent of federal law enforcement, the Russian Investigative Committee, has reportedly launched a probe into the matter.

Kalugina's magazine have apologised to anyone offended by the shoot in the 1897 church.

The law in question is a 2013 amendment to the federal criminal code, signed by President Vladimir Putin.
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The federal law introduces liability for public action that shows clear and obvious disrespect for society and intent to offend religious believers’ feelings.

The maximum penalty for such offences is imprisonment for up to one year.

If the offence is committed in a place specifically intended for holding worship, the maximum penalty can be up to three years’ imprisonment.
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The law also increases the penalties for violating legislation on freedom of conscience, freedom of worship, and religious organisations.
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