This is the physical benefit of orgasms you never knew about

This is the physical benefit of orgasms you never knew about

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Orgasms are great, everyone knows that.

However, an expert has described an additional benefit you may not know about.

The bad news is we're only talking about the female orgasm here.
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Dr. Elena C. Arias, Director of the Graal Clinic in Marbella, says that orgasm can help with 'vaginal rejuvenation'.

She told the Irish Sun:

Clitoral stimulation and female orgasm increases pelvic floor tone, which in turn tones the entire vaginal area.
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At the moment of orgasm the clitoris surges with increased blood pressure.

The uterus contracts off the pelvic floor, increasing pelvic muscle tension and strengthening the entire region.

It’s like a stomach crunch for the vagina.
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Before you hit the genital gym - theres more:

In addition, clitoral arousal increases vaginal elasticity because it stimulates the function of the gland of the vagina, which produces a mucosa lubricant which has a moisturising and rejuvenating effect on the entire vaginal area.

If clitoral stimulation and orgasm are initiated on a regular basis, this will improve the tone and elasticity of the vaginal area.
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It's worth noting that a significant part of her article promoted a treatment at her clinic which involved injecting hyaluronic near the clitoris and labia to improve sensitivity and to narrow the vaginal walls.

Another clinic expert, Emma Soos, managing director of the Women's Clinic, agreed that orgasms were good for your genital health when speaking to the Irish Sun:

Orgasm is a full pelvic floor muscle workout. If you go the gym regularly you will become toned and release hormones that make you healthy and happy. It’s a similar thing – if you don’t use it you lose it.
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Women who have regular intercourse or regularly masturbate do find that climaxes are easier, incontinence is reduced and blood flow is generally better to every area.

Her laser treatment, which sought to increase blood supply to the area, was also mentioned.
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