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  • 24.08.2017
Trans man shares his incredible before and after photos

Trans man shares his incredible before and after photos

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He's a trans musician. He was assigned a female gender at birth, but in 2015 Jaimie began to transition to the gender he identified with. He's been undergoing years of testosterone treatment to achieve that.

21-year-old Jaimie has since been sharing images of how he has changed:

Jaimie wrote on his posts:

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At first I was scared to come out as transgender because I didn't give any 'signs' as people say.

I looked and presented very feminine...not because I wanted to but because I felt pressured to make the people around me happy.

When I first came out people tried telling me 'this is not who you are' that's when I realized you are NOT who people think you are...you are who you KNOW you are.

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Jaimie is an aspiring country musician who is touring currently, and played London Pride on 8 July.

He'll be playing the Sziget Festival in Hungary on 11-12 August and Pride in Austin, Texas and Fort Myers, Florida.

Images comparing transgender people's transition photos are a popular subject online - the subreddit r/transtimelines has thousands of subscribers and popular images on it are often the centrepiece of news stories online.

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