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  • 16.08.2017
Drug study’s surprising findings

Drug study’s surprising findings

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A global study has assessed the health dangers of all illicit drugs, revealing the substances that carry the most - and least - risk.
The study, which canvassed 120,000 people worldwide, found 79.3 per cent of its sample had taken drugs in their lives. Some 37 per cent of respondents had used in the prior month.
By far the most heavily used illegal drug was cannabis, with a 77.8 per cent take-up rate.
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The most popular drug is also mostly legal: alcohol. It has a 98.7 take-up rate.
While the report highlights growing issues caused by newer and purer varieties of drugs, it says more traditional drugs are still a serious cause for concern.
But the Global Drug Survey 2017 study says that if you insist on using illicit substances, perhaps magic mushrooms was the best pick of a bad bunch.
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Magic mushrooms came in as the ninth most heavily used illicit drug, with 29.4 per cent of respondents saying it was their drug of choice.
Statistically, the study suggests psychedelic mushrooms appear to offer the safest buzz, though they are illegal because of their potential for mind-bending fallout.
The study found methamphetamine users were up to 40 times more likely to visit emergency facilities than mushroom users. Cannabis concentrates and synthetics were also much more likely to be behind admittances.
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But the humble mushroom is among those least likely to send you to hospital, the study says.
Magic mushrooms directly affect serotonin receptors in the brain. Other drugs also stimulate many others. And taking more ‘shrooms doesn’t increase a high — which makes them less addictive.
But they will often not give you the kind of high you want.
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As a psychedelic, it will amplify existing moods such as paranoia and anxiety.
And it’s such ‘bad trips’ that make magic mushrooms illegal. Users can be a danger to themselves, family, friends and passers-by.
But the humble mushroom is among those least likely to send you to hospital, the study says.
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Also, the apparent ‘safety’ of magic mushrooms may be a distortion in the statistics.
It doesn’t take into account incidents of mistaken identity.
Many of the more poisonous kinds of mushrooms look very similar to their psychedelic cousins. And a lack of care, experience — or even an optimistic buzz — could quickly contaminate any stash.
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And the toxic side-effects could be fatal.
This is a very real risk as many magic mushroom users tend to scour fields and reserves for varieties growing naturally. The alternative — growing them yourself — is illegal.
The Global Drug Survey is administered by an independent research company based in London.
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