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  • 23.08.2017

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Donald Trump's vacation vs Vladimir Putin's vacation in 8 photos

Donald Trump's vacation vs Vladimir Putin's vacation in 8 photos

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If President Donald Trump is still serious about his unofficial flagship policy to become best buds with Putin, he might want to rethink his poses in front of the camera.

Other people's holiday albums can be a chore to look through - but their poses don't usually involve bare-chested, knee-deep fishing and sunbathing in Siberia.

Thankfully, Vladmir Putin either forgot to pack any shirts for his get-away or simply could not restrain his unrivalled manliness.

The working class isn’t as white as some would like you to think

But Trump apparently didn't get the memo, managing to keep his macho prowess very much in check.

Whilst Putin spear-fishes in a camouflage wet suit, Trump turns the steering wheel of a small golf cart with his huge muscles.

rump took a different approach to his 'not vacation'. 

The American super nukes that can start WWIII
This pattern is not new...  
Even when Trump gets sporty, he somehow doesn't match Putin's muscular marvel.
Perhaps not the reaction Trump wanted.

Surely a 'beautiful' chocolate cake, which Trump shared in April with President Xi whilst talking about the Syria airstrikes, will shut the internet up.  

This is what it’s like being a male sex worker
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