The things you should do in your 20s so you don't have regrets in your 30s

The things you should do in your 20s so you don't have regrets in your 30s

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Most good advice boils down to not putting too much pressure on yourself - whether it's finding a partner, or work-related, or in some other goal oriented activity.

Here's some top tips for avoiding regrets by the time the big 3-0 rolls around:

Enjoy the sexual freedom of your 20s, without pressuring yourself to find one right person - or for that matter to rack up a high number of sexual partners.
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If you want lots of partners, go for it, but don't fixate on it like a scorecard.

Sex should always be safe, be consensual, and be fun.

This isn't to say you can't continue having fun sex into your 30s, so these tenets should hold throughout your life.
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Let your 20s be the decade you established what you're not going to put up with.

Now, this isn't to suggest that interrailing and the 'gap yah' are for everybody.

Some people prefer hotels, paved streets, and access to a shower.
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It doesn't make the experience 'less real' - what matters is going over the horizon.

There's something good for the soul about it, even if it just reminds you how much you value home.

Obviously it costs money to travel extensively, but this is also the decade in which you will be time rich, and have fewer responsibilities tying you down.
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In your 30s you might be more financially secure, but you will also be short on time to travel.

If you can travel, do.


Experiences not things:
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Not to go all minimalist on you, but if you do have disposable income, spend it on activities rather than possessions.

Obviously, if shopping is an activity you enjoy doing, don't let us stop you.

But for most of us, another jumper, worn for two to three years at best, isn't worth the memory of a day out with friends and family.
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Give something back:

'Understanding your social obligations' is advice from one Quora forum on the subject.

This doesn't mean thinking you're unworthy of all you have, but remembering that millions around the world are without access to drinking water, food, and, education.
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Volunteering some of your free time is important in your 20s, because even if you feel you're at your busiest, your 30s will probably come with immovable responsibilities.

It will also bring you into contact with people you otherwise would never have met.
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