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Ministries of Ukraine

Dec 16, 2012

1. Ministry of Agricultural Policy of Ukraine – http://www.minagro.kiev.ua/ (Ukrainian)
2. Ministry of Interior of Ukraine – http://mvs.gov.ua/mvs/control/main/en/index (English)
3. Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine – http://www.menr.gov.ua/ (Ukrainian)
4. Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine – http://www.me.gov.ua/control/uk/index (Ukrainian)
5. Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine – http://mpe.kmu.gov.ua/fuel/control/uk/index (Ukrainian)
6. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine – http://www.mfa.gov.ua/mfa/en/news/top.htm (English)
7. Ministry of Transport and communications of Ukraine – http://www.mtu.gov.ua/en (English)
8. Ministry of Culture of Ukraine – http://mincult.kmu.gov.ua/mincult/uk/index (Ukrainian)
9. Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sport of Ukraine – http://www.mon.gov.ua/index.php/en/ (English)
10. Ministry of Health of Ukraine – http://www.moz.gov.ua/ua/portal/ (Ukrainian)
11. Ministry of Regional Development and Building of Ukraine – http://www.minregion.gov.ua/ (Ukrainian)
12. Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of Ukraine – http://www.mlsp.gov.ua/control/uk/index (Ukrainian)
13. Ministy of Finance of Ukraine – http://minfin.kmu.gov.ua/control/en/index (English)
14. Ministry of Justice of Ukraine – http://www.minjust.gov.ua/ (Ukrainian)